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Eileen Murphy, Founder

Founded:  2012

ThinkCERCA is changing the way we approach teaching students to think.  I attended the EdTech Collaborative event host by ThinkCERCA in July of 2015, and while I was there, I had the opportunity to engage in a lesson through the platform.  It is the perfect combination of reading, writing, speaking, individual computer time, and group work time.  It was amazingly engaging, and I could see that it would positively impact the learning of every student who uses it.

ThinkCERCA Company Description

ThinkCERCA is an online literacy platform providing differentiated close reading and argumentative writing instruction to students in grades 3-12 across ELA, Science, and Social Science (and Math in a few weeks).

ThinkCERCA Product Info

For students to survive and get ahead in today’s world, they need to be able to evaluate and synthesize information and communicate their ideas effectively. They need strong critical thinking skills. ThinkCERCA supports this kind of learning by empowering teachers with the content, lessons, and tools they need to personalize literacy instruction across the curriculum. ThinkCERCA's research-based literacy framework, library of leveled texts, and standards-aligned reading and writing lessons engage students in the process of critical thinking.

ThinkCERCA’s schoolwide approach to literacy instruction encourages deeper communication and collaboration across subjects to improve student outcomes. ThinkCERCA provides personalized learning for all readiness levels, prepares students for new assessments, and standardizes feedback across schools or districts.

We help educators empower all students to think critically. We do this by equipping schools with everything they need to personalize literacy instruction across disciplines. The end result is engaged students learning how to articulate their ideas and inspired teachers doing more of what they love.

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