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David Hunter, Co- Founder

Founded:  September, 2014

Can you even imagine building a rubric aligned to the Common Core State Standards in two minutes?  I actually didn’t know if I believed David when he told me about it, so I went and tried it myself.  Sure enough, I was able to build a quality rubric for an assignment I had given my students a few years back in less than two minutes.  Just last week I got an update from David and his team that the lesson builder is now available too.  I highly recommend checking out all of the developments at because they are sure to save you time and energy.  Don’t believe it either?  Watch this video.

ThemeSpark Company Description

ThemeSpark is a new network of online training tools to quickly improve and build instructional resources—and it’s free for K-12 teachers! Based on the the award-winning Zombie-Based Learning curriculum, uses standards and Project-Based Learning pedagogy in the current Rubric Maker and QuickStart Lesson Builder modules. Educators begin with Common Core and C3 standards to create high-quality curriculum, and no training is needed. They can now collaborate cross-subject, facilitate and share powerful daily instructional processes to benefit teachers, students and schools.

ThemeSpark Product Info

Our objective for the ThemeSpark tool suite is to change how teachers adapt or build curriculum every day. We aim to inject previously aspirational education goals (authentic learning, rubrics, more 21st century skills, higher order thinking) into practical classroom practice. We’re deliberately creating a simple user experience (UX) so that even without training, a teacher can tap into research-supported practices to improve their instructional materials from what may have been district or school-issued. At minimum, teachers whose biggest barrier to using rubrics was the time it took to make them has been eliminated.

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