Survey Results Are In

Survey Results
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The 2016 Listener Survey results are in. I did the 2016 Listener Survey to find out what you thought of the show.  I was very pleases to have over 70 people respond to the survey, and I learned a lot! Doing this podcast fills my heart with joy!  I love connecting educators and entrepreneurs in conversations that enhance learning.  The opportunity to speak with founders of products that impact learning and the pleasure of speaking with thought leaders in the field of education astounds me.  More importantly though, when you reach out, or take my survey, or tell me you are trying something you heard about on the show, my hearts skips a beat.  You are the reason I do this work.  I want to provide value to you in ways you have not necessarily experienced, and I am so grateful you are bringing me along on your personalized professional development.

Survey Results Lead to New Show Format

Most of the survey respondents said they binge listen and prefer one show a week that is typically shorter than what I do now.  This has caused me to reflect quite a bit.  Here’s the deal…the purpose of On The Vendor Floor is to provide space and time for a conversation with a vendor that is not plagued by trinkets and fancy displays.  It is the vendors opportunity to give you the background of the product they created and tell their story as to why they think their product belongs in your school.  You can chat with them for 10 minutes in person at a conference.  I want there to be more opportunity for deeper understanding of the products.  I also think this is the value I am providing to the founders.  I’m giving them an opportunity to tell their story that they rarely get.  For that reason, the Tuesday show will continue to be an interview with an edtech company, and the interview will continue to be 30-40 minutes.

But…I want you to know that I listened to your need for shorter shows.  I am going to turn Friday’s show into a brief solo show with a quick lesson on a tech tool I use to make my life better.  My goal is to keep those shows less than 10 minutes long!  Sometimes I can get really excited about things, and it is likely you will hear, “This CHANGED my LIFE!”  When I say that, it is always true.  For me, its the little things!

Bonus Content Coming Soon Too

When I first launched the show, I really wanted to gather testimonials from educators in the field using the product.  That endeavor was a lot to handle at first, but now that I have a work flow down, I really think I’m at a point where I can begin gathering those testimonials.  Be sure to listen for the ways to get the bonus content that will be coming out very soon!

And the winners are…

For those who took the survey you were entered into a drawing to win one of the three books I was giving away.  I used to determine the winners!  I am pleased to announce the winners!

Cathy Hines – From Master Teacher to Master Learner by Will Richardson

Danelle Schmid – UnCommon Learning by Eric Sheninger

Rachael Pierson – Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros

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