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Andrea Gribble, Founder

Founded:  January, 2014

#SocialSchool4Edu is a company that partners with schools and districts to tell their story.  When you fill the air with the goodness happening inside the walls each day, the school spirit and pride created by doing that is contagious.  Children and schools deserve to be celebrated, and for the first time in history, schools are not dependent on the local newspaper to tell the story and hoping they get it right.  Andrea and her team at SocialSchool4Edu work hard to craft the story you want told, and that story will undoubtedly positively impact school and community culture.  

Company Description

SocialSchool4Edu's mission is celebrate students and connect communities.  They get schools started in social media venues by making sure the profiles are effectively branded, educating school officials about what makes a great social media story, and potentially even managing a school's social media channels for them.  Andrea and her team can work with schools around the country; geography is not a barrier to the work they can do to support your school's social media efforts.

Product Info

Andrea releases  a blog each week to educate school personnel about social media.  I encourage you to get on her mailing list, so you never miss an installment.  Andrea also does workshops, board presentations, and social media management for schools.  She has also written the first installment of her children's books series about the VonAwesome family, Digital Daze.  With her book, she is also available for author visits where she will discuss both digital citizenship and what its like to be an author.  

Get In Touch

Twitter: @andread4edu 

Blog posts discussed in the show

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