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Social Assurity
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Social Assurity with Alan Katzman

Founded:  September, 2013

Social Assurity is being featured in the midst of my series on digital citizenship.  We can no longer try to scare kids into being safe online.  We must educate them about best practices in social media and online behavior.  It is not enough just to educate the learners about this; we must educate parents and teachers as well.  Social Assurity aims to do just that by offering interactive, online courses for parents, teachers, and students.  With these courses, everyone can learn to put their best foot forward in the digital world.

Social Assurity Company Description

Social Assurity offers their course program, “Best Practices in Social Media for Students,” created to teach high school and college students how to better position themselves on social media for both college admissions and hiring managers. The six-course curriculum provides detailed and practical instruction on the effective use of social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Rather than inhibit a student’s use of social media, the coursework guides students based on a set of principles that emphasizes the value of networking, active community engagement and developing a unique and authentic personal narrative to best tell their own “self-story”.

Product Info

Social media is a tool for life. Why not teach students to use it wisely? We help students create and disseminate an accurate and compelling picture of their lives via social media – for a clear advantage in college admissions & career. Social media now plays a role in the due diligence validation for college admissions, athletic and academic scholarships, employment and other matters where scrutiny of a person’s character and credentials come into consideration.

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