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Alex Selkirk, Co-Founder

Founded:  November, 2012

Ponder is an interesting tool that helps readers engage with text online in a variety of ways.  Readers can document their thinking as they read as well as pose questions for other readers.  It functions as an extension, so it can sit on top of virtually every website.  

Ponder Company Description

Ponder is a higher-order literacy tool that offers a critical thinking scaffold for students on text and video while providing teachers with a forest-for-the-trees view of student thinking that they can review in minutes.

Product Info

Traditionally, teachers gauge student progress reading complex texts through written assignments; however reviewing written assignments is one of the most time-intensive teacher tasks. By breaking apart critical thinking from writing, Ponder allows teachers to review all of their students' thinking in minutes before a class discussion. Lesson plans can be adjusted and re-shaped to preemptively address comprehension issues, leverage authentic student interest for discussion and more successfully incorporate reticent students' ideas.

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Twitter: @ponderlabsinc and @alexispondering
Email: alex@ponder.com
Website: http://ponder.co


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