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Guido Kovalskys, Co-Founder

Founded:  January, 2012

Nearpod is designed to be a tool for teachers to teach in the classroom of the future. It combines the best features of interactive whiteboards with individual devices to accomplish learning tasks in a new way.  The founders are passionate about providing teachers opportunities to create interactive content and share it through the platform.  They are also working to partner with other organizations to build their content repository.

Nearpod Company Description

Nearpod is an award-winning education technology company that develops an online platform for delivering synchronized digital lessons and instructional resources across mobile devices, providing teachers an easy and effective way to leverage technology with their students. It also has a content store containing thousands of curated lessons covering all K-12 grades and subjects. These ready-to-teach lessons leverage research-based instructional best practices created by our expert educators and educational partners! It was developed by a team of experienced educators and entrepreneurs passionate about mobile technology and its implications for transforming the classroom experience.

Nearpod Product Info

Teachers can upload existing lessons or download ready-to-teach, interactive multimedia lessons from the Nearpod content store. Teachers can then launch a synchronized lesson across all student devices and control the flow of what students see on their devices. By incorporating interactive activities like Virtual Field Trips, true/false, polls, quizzes and more - the multimedia content captures student engagement and keeps them focused on minimizing off-task behavior. Based on discussions around a lesson, teachers can embed on-the-fly activities to boost learning + engagement. Teachers also receive real-time assessment on student comprehension and can tailor lesson plans according to student knowledge on a particular topic.

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