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Sara Vollbrecht, Co-Founder

Founded:  January 2016

Get in on the ground floor of this new app.  Special education teachers are very familiar with their binder that has every child's IEP and progress monitoring data in it, but My Day Web App makes the binder unnecessary.  All you need to have all that info in your hand is your phone or an iPad.  That gets rid of lots of heavy lifting.  In this show Sara talks about how she uses the app to do goal setting and send info to parents.  She also talked about how involved her students were in understanding their own data.  This is just the beginning for My Day Web App.  Be sure to get in on the ground floor.

Company Description

My Day Web App is a tool designed to help teachers quickly gather, calculate, analyze, and communicate student achievement data tied to their academic and behavioral benchmarks and/or goals.

Product Info

By calculating and analyzing student achievement data, both behavioral and academic, teachers can make more informed decisions about the effectiveness of their instructional strategies. This helps teachers decide whether to continue with a strategy or choose a different one. Communicating this data will also help other staff working with students make important instructional decisions.

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