MAD-learn: Mobile App Development

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Aleyfiya Bhatia, Co-Founder

Founded:  June, 2011

Teachers and students everywhere use applications to enhance their productivity and learning.  MAD-learn has created a tool that allows students and teachers to create their own mobile applications.  Going through the process of designing an app is both rigorous and fun, and with support, everyone can do it.  Students and teachers have the option to publish to the company's private "store" or they can go through the process to get the app published publicly in iTunes.  It is amazing to think that students now have an opportunity to publish their learning in a mobile app which is the relevant technology today. Definitely check it out!

MAD-learn Company Description

MAD-learn is a program that is empowering students to become the next generation of innovators. Instead of just consuming technology, MAD-learn helps teach students as young as the 3rd grade all the way up to high school how to create technology in the form of mobile apps and use our platform as an every day learning tool.

Product Info

Great for any classroom, MAD-learn is built to keep students engaged while helping them grow in the areas of analytical thinking & problem solving, creative ideation, presentation, entrepreneurship & vocational prowess, innovation and growth mindset.

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Twitter: @MADlearn 

Other Info Shared during the interview

The Rainbow Loom app was created by a fifth grader using the product, and it now has over 150,000 downloads!


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