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Imagine Easy's Scholar with Community Manager, Emily Gover

Founded:  2001

Imagine Easy's most notable product is Easy Bib.  Yes, the tool that creates a source citation in your preferred format with the click of a button is Imagine Easy's flagship product.  Recently, Imagine Easy expanded the capabilities of Easy Bib and created a writing organization and information management system for students that very much resembles Trello.

Company Description

Imagine Easy Scholar supports students with their digital literacy, writing, and research skills, and educators through valuable, quantitative data to drive their instruction. Scholar comprises a handful of components: a Google Chrome annotation tool browser extension, digital notebook, dynamic outlining tool, and a source list/bibliography. Scholar integrates seamlessly with Google Apps For Education, including Google Docs, and soon--Google Classroom.

Product Info

With Scholar, students are supported by digital annotation, writing and organizational tools, and educators now have a window to their students’ work. Scholar enables students to practice close reading, information synthesis, and ethical, evidence-based writing in a dynamic workspace. The browser extension annotation tool allows students to mark up digital texts with highlighting and digital notecards. All annotations are synced within the Scholar dashboard, and educators can see unique insights into how their students work, either at a class-wide or individual level. 

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Check out the videos below to see Imagine Easy's Scholar Product in action.


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