Creating a Home Makerspace: Holiday Gifts

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The latest educational craze is makerspaces, and actually, this educational movement is something any parent can and should get excited about.  Libraries, both public and school, are filling their spaces with items that allow people of all ages to “make” something.  In past years, I’ve blogged about devices and apps that children would love to get from Santa, but today, I’m going to connect you to some Makerspace items that will keep your kids busy during Christmas break and have them begging for more before the Easter Bunny comes.

1.  Snap Circuits for Home Makerspace

All snap circuits packs are on sale in Amazon as I write this, and I advise buying these as soon as possible because they will be scarce when holiday shopping is in full swing.  With these kits, your kids can make digital voice recorders, doorbells, radios, and many other things that run on electricity.  I even saw a kids make a musical instrument with these.

Here is a link to a video highlighting the product.


2.  Sphero and Ollie – Coding in the Makerspace

These guys are the first app-enabled ball. When I purchased Sphero for my kids back in April there were over 30 apps that would make the ball work, and I’m certain that number is well over 100 now, and most of the apps are free. These toys offer opportunities to play games in groups or as individuals. They also provide coding experiences. Kids can make this ball do anything through the app on any Apple or Android device.


Check out the Sphero in action. Be careful though…you won’t be able to resist buying it!

3.  Makey Makey 

This is so fun!  I can’t explain it better than the video below.  Watch it!

4. The Official Arduino Start Up Set which includes Super Awesome Sylvia’s book

This kit includes a Raspberry Pi, and a Raspberry Pi is a very simplistic computer, so if you want your kids to know how a computer works and start thinking about how to build one, this kit will be great!

And definitely check out one of many Super Awesome Sylvia YouTube videos, but again, beware when exposing your children to these videos because their science project items will grow, and you might have a few messes.

5.  Maker Books for Home Makerspaces

Sometimes, kids just need to read about the possibilities to be inspired to create things!  Check out these books to get kids making.

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