Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros

Innovator's Mindset
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I read George Couros’ book Innovator’s Mindset, and it kept me up at night.  It was startling or disturbing, but it honestly robbed me of sleep for three nights.  I would read, and put it down, but then…

My mind would race!

We could do this and then this would happen and then we would be able to do that.  My mind raced through each possibility rapidly iterating and expanding on my ideas.  The creative juices were definitely in overdrive!

But the book is not about the ideas…its about the action!

The first action I took was contacting him to get him on my show!  He agreed, and we chatted about innovation, mindset, and culture!


George defines innovation as a way of thinking that creates something new AND better.  He tells the story of taking vending machines out of schools and how that led to many students going to the local 7-11 and purchasing super-sized snacks instead.  That idea may have been new, but it is definitely not better.


We’ve been hearing a lot about Carol Dweck’s growth mindset, but the innovator’s mindset takes the growth mindset one step further.  It takes us straight into action.  Sure, people need a growth mindset, and that is extremely important in believing that you can take action.  The growth mindset is inherent in the innovator’s mindset.

Continuous action that leads to continuous improvements!


School leaders and teachers are being pushed to get students college and career ready.  We are expected to prepare our students for jobs that we don’t even know exist yet.  I always encourage my students and my kids to create their own jobs and make their own mark on the world.  George talks about creating cultures of innovation where just being present in the environment makes people want to create something new and better.  Taking risks must be encouraged, and space and time must be carved out to make room for the new…AND better!

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