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Frienedy with Janel Maitland

Founded:  April, 2015

Frienedy is a social platform that prides themselves in being safe, private, and connected.  In the show, the founder speaks to how the platform is different than Facebook groups, and she does a great job of explaining why some social is successful in a closed environment.  It is a great tool for classroom teachers and coaches in order to have transparent communication with parents and students.

Frienedy Company Description

Frienedy is a private online social experience & app where users of all ages can create private groups to share and collaborate around classrooms, events, connecting with family, or staying in touch with friends. It is completely free and often used in elementary classrooms to connect privately with parents to tell the story of what goes on in the classroom. In middle school, it also becomes a means for promoting the appropriate use of social media. In high school, it evolves to a use for students to collaborate with teachers in a group setting with a built in digital planner and a single spot for questions, date changes and for posting and collaborating on photos and documents. The unique part? Frienedy is for your WHOLE life, not just your classroom life.

Product Info

Frienedy promotes positive digital citizenship. The platform gives teachers a way to model and teach students how to make the appropriate determinations about what is acceptable to share in public social media spaces vs. what is better kept in groups for selective audiences. Ultimately, this platform promotes helping students learn how to build "employer/college" ready public social media profiles while sharing the more private/interesting parts of their lives with only those they choose to share with.

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