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Alex Rappaport, Co-Founder

Founded:  2004

Chatting with Alex Rappaport made me fall in love with Flocabulary even more.  The company got its start with a rap about SAT vocabulary words, and Alex and his co-founder, Blake Harrison, initially traveled to schools around the country performing for students.  The company has been bootstrapped since the beginning, and they have been on a continuous growth cycle several years.  The company has released hundreds of videos and although at one point it was most vocabulary videos, now they have videos to support most content areas.  In addition to providing high quality videos, the company is striving to get students creating.  What that will look like, they are not sure, but they want students to be more than content consumers.

Flocabulary Company Description

Flocabulary is a web-based learning platform that features educational hip-hop videos, instructional activities and formative assessments for grades K-12. From math and ELA to science and social studies, the tool's standards-aligned resources are designed to engage students, supplement instruction and increase achievement across the curriculum. With a lesson sequence that includes critical thinking, discussion, reading and writing, the tool is a springboard into core literacy skills and student-centered learning.

Flocabulary Product Info

Flocabulary believes that a motivated student is a successful student. Student engagement is an essential part of learning, and it uses music to teach key skills and concepts to get students engaged and ready to learn. Of teachers surveyed who use Flocabulary in their classrooms at least once per week, 96% believe the tool increases student achievement and engagement in school. The videos provide a hook to inspire student interest in learning across subjects, and in any classroom. Interactive activities for each unit allow students to dig deeper into content presented in the video, while quizzes offer formative assessments of content learned (with helpful data visualization tools to help educators plan). The company also encourages student creativity through lesson resources for writing academic rhymes, as well as weekly creative contests that recognize students through shout-out spotlights in Flocabulary videos. 

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