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Brian Scheibach, Co-Founder

Founded:  June, 2013

Having been a principal working very hard to implement a response to intervention block that counted for something more than an extra prep for teachers, I can say that FlexiSched solves the RtI scheduling nightmare.  It provides an opportunity to provide interventions and extensions in a flexible manner, and it works in a way that motivates students to succeed at higher levels.

FlexiSched Description

FlexiSCHED is a simple program and backend database that tracks and maintains attendance records of where students go for targeted intervention periods or high-engagement enrichment periods.  It is designed the be “flexible” in all ways so that each school can fit it into their school culture and philosophy.

FlexiSched Product Info

Basically FlexiSCHED is a simple database that links students to their homeroom teachers and those homeroom teachers schedule the students to attend either an intervention period if they need the extra time and support or an enrichment offering if they are in good standing.

Schools choose a day of the week, most often on Mondays, to hold a traditional “homeroom” period.  During that time, the homeroom teacher/advisor meets with their assigned students and looks at a grade report or just has a conversation to find areas of weakness and strength.  It is at that time the teacher is logged into FlexiSCHED and begins to schedule the student for the rest of the week’s homeroom periods.  There is also an system for teachers to use the TEACHER REQUEST and automatically assign their struggling students to their “FLEX” period on any given day.  Then when those students are meeting with their homeroom teacher to do the scheduling, they will see they are already requested and will know they don’t have another option.

At the end of day on Monday, all students should be scheduled for the rest of the week, and an email is automatically sent to the students reminding them where they are to report the rest of the week.  On Tuesday during  “homeroom” (aka “FLEX” period), the students automatically report to their assigned “FLEX” classroom.  Once there, the teachers presenting the interventions or enrichments take attendance via FlexiSCHED and provide the extra support for the students present.  Finally, at the end of the week, the system is cleared and as ready for the following week of offerings and many teachers during the weekend begin to request the students they will need the see next week to make up and retake exams or just get the extra support to find success in the class.  

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