Facebook For School Leaders: Sharing the Load

facebook for school leaders
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In the first show of the Facebook For School Leaders series, I shared with you the three ways to engage in Facebook.  Most familiar was probably the personal timeline and news feed.  This is where you connect with your family and friends and maybe the Pages from some of your favorite brands or celebrities.  I shared my new love for Facebook Groups.  If I was a school principal now, I would be creating a Facebook group for my staff.  In the group, I would start discussions, give shout-outs, and share articles and images that sum up what we are experiencing at the moment.  I also encouraged schools and teachers to attempt using a Facebook group if they are uncertain about starting a page simply because the permissions can be different.  Its a way to dip their toes in the water.  Finally, I advocated for you to either start a Facebook Page for your school or work to increase the engagement on your current page.

Today’s Lesson

Who should post on your school’s Facebook Page?

I strongly advise having multiple people assigned to post to the school’s Facebook page.  The principal, administrative assistant, teacher leaders, counselors, and even students are great candidates to help you tell the school’s story.  Facebook Page Manager allows you to assign people different roles with different levels of security.  As long as the other person has a Facebook personal timeline, they can be assigned as a page editor, analyst, or manager.  Different responsibility comes with each of those roles, but the most important thing to know is that others can help you manage the page and share the workload.

Before assigning a person a responsibility with the Facebook page for your school, be sure everyone is clear on the goals and the purpose of the page.  In the fourth show of the series, I’ll deep dive into the need for a content calendar.  For now, I encourage you to meet with your team members and settle on some engagement goals.  In the next part of the series, we’ll talk about the analytics which will help you measure your goals.  For now, set the goals.

How much should you post on the Facebook Page?

This question has multiple answers, and there is not one right answer.  It really comes down to what your audience engages with and how much of the story you want to tell.  It is important to know that not everything you post will show up in all of your fans’ pages.  Facebook’s algorithm is more complicated than that, and honestly it changes quite a bit.  Andrea at Social School 4 Edu created a video showing communities how to set up their Facebook Feed to put the school’s posts at the top of the feed (listen to Andrea’s show).  I followed the steps for my childrens’ school , so I never miss a single post.  Finding the right mix and amount of content is all about looking at your analytics which I’ll cover next week.

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