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Laura Henderson, Founder

Founded:  2014

Personalized learning is taking education by storm.  Personalized learning advocates strive to provide learning opportunities where learners know and understand how they learn best.  Offering flexible learning environments is said to increase student engagement and student agency.  Students are intrinsically motivated and teachers design learning opportunities using Universal Design for Learning as the framework.  Please check out the following links for more information on this topic:

Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClusky Personalize Learning website
Pernille Ripp's blog (Pernille's school has adopted personalized learning practices as a piece of their culture)  

Epiphany Learning Company Description

Epiphany Learning is the leading K-12 Learning Relationship Management System that maximizes learner engagement, achievement and long-term success. It facilitates personalized learning and creates authentic, transparent relationships between learners, educators and the learner's support network.

Product Info

Epiphany Learning is a groundbreaking K-12 Learning Relationship Management (LRM) System that empowers learners by providing voice and choice in their education.  It maximizes student engagement, achievement, motivation and outcomes by connecting the learner to their support network and providing complete transparency between all stakeholders crucial to their long-term success. Built around field research on blended learning environments, the student-centric, web-based personalized learning application is completely configurable for every classroom, school or district.  It develops personalized learning plans, integrates with Student Information Systems (SIS) and links to Learning Management Systems (LMS). Epiphany Learning is available nationwide with long-term plans to support global customers.

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