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Matt Nupen, Co-Founder

Founded:  May, 2014

DocentEDU is definitely going places!  It is absolutely incredible.  I bet you can't make just one! I especially enjoyed hearing about Matt's experience at an Edtech Start Up weekend.  If you don't know what an EdTech Startup weekend is, I highly encourage you to check it out.  The link is below.  I plan to attend one someday!  After I attend, I'd love to host one too.

Description of DocentEDU

DocentEDU's mission is to help teachers turn the unlimited but unwieldy information of the Internet into engaging and coherent lessons that meet their lesson objectives, teaching style, and most importantly student’s needs.

Turn any website or google doc into a more engaging and richer lesson by embedding videos, questions, insight, discussions, and more right into the page. No switching tabs, windows, apps; stay in one place and stay focused. Educators are able to turn the unlimited but wild source of information that is the internet into a coherent and guided learning experience.

With either the browser extension or mobile app, educators are finding so many new uses for our simple and intuitive approach to "docenting" the web. Blended science labs, accessibility for special needs and ELL students, professional development among professionals, we empower teachers to use the internet in a way that fits their style.

DocentEDU Product Info

DocentEDU helps students understand the material better and saves them time and frustration by streamlining the workflow. Co-founders Matt and Karin are full time teachers and developed the idea while teaching at-risk teens.

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