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Andrew Rowland, Co-Founder

Founded:  September, 2014

When talking with Andrew from Classkick, I asked him how he responds to people when they ask him if Classkick is just a way to put worksheets on an iPad, and he responded, "That is actually a compliment."  The reason he feels so strongly about that is because he believes Classkick is an easy entry point for teachers.  Classkick's primary goal is to assist teachers with providing a tool that assists them in doing what research says improves learning the most - giving feedback.  They are creating a tool for providing feedback, and their tool is rooted in age old pedagogy.  The tool simply provides teachers more opportunities to give valuable feedback through the technology.

Classkick Company Description

Created by teachers and engineers, Classkick is a magic whiteboard on tablets where students work and get immediate help from their instructor and peers. This is crucial because the #1 driver of learning is student feedback.

As students work on a teacher-made Classkick assignment on their iPads, teachers see every students' work progressing all at once. Students can privately raise hands and teachers give individualized, real-time student feedback. Students also engage and help each other. Classkick works for any grade level in any subject.

Teachers add content in seconds and see every student working at their own pace real-time. Students can raise their hand privately and engage each other with peer help. Best of all, it’s free!

Classkick Product Info

Classkick lets teachers see students' work in real-time and give tremendous amounts of student feedback. This is crucial because feedback happens to be the #1 factor in school for increasing learning, more than anything else in the school day! According to the Education Endowment Foundation, providing students with quality feedback provides 8 extra months of learning each year. This is far more powerful than the 5 extra months of learning provided via homework or tutoring or 3 extra months of summer school or a longer school day.

Get to know Andrew Rowland

Andrew obsesses over increasing student achievement. He believes technology has tremendous untapped potential to improve learning, but harnessing it effectively is tricky. Andrew thinks the keys to success revolve around listening to students and teachers constantly, seeking to deeply understand their everyday pain points, and incessantly iterating technology to address those nuances. 
Andrew previously taught high school math and robotics on Chicago’s West side before working at Google and YouTube. With his background in mathematics, economics, and computer science from UC Berkeley, Andrew continues to stay focused on launching quality products on devices around the world.

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