Chrome: Apps and Extensions in 7 Minutes!

Chrome apps
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Chrome: Apps and Extensions in 7 Minutes

Chrome: Apps and Extensions

"Really, Chrome has an app store?"  I cannot tell you how many times I hear those words in my job as Director of Innovation at a regional service agency.  Most people think that Chrome is just another way to search Google or a replacement for Internet Explorer, but it is so. much. more!  Here is the link to the Chrome Web Store just in case you have never visited.

Chrome Apps

Chrome apps run within the Chrome browser, and they do not require a download.  Google docs and Google sheets are apps that work within the browser.  You might use the Symbaloo app, NewsELA app, Duolingo app, or any of the other thousands.  I see Chrome apps as bookmarks to the web based tools you use most often.  Apps will show up on the apps screen.

Chrome apps

Chrome Extensions

Extensions expand the functionality of the browser by sitting on top of any app or website in the browser.  Extensions will pop up next to the URL bar.  You might use the Pandora extension to play music while you work, or you might like to use a timer extension to limit the time you spend on a certain task.  

My Favorite Extensions

In this show, I shared my four favorite extensions.  I absolutely love tab.scissors and tab.glue, and yes they go together like a hammer and nail.  You need both to really get the value.  This extension basically gives you a second monitor.  It splits your screen, so you can be on two different websites (or applications) at one time.  


I also can't live without Boomerang for Gmail and Boomerang for Calendar.  There is Boomerang for Outlook too, but who still uses Outlook? Just kidding...  Boomerang for Gmail allows you to compose an email now and send it later.  It also automatically resends the email if you haven't gotten a response in a specified amount of time.  You can also Boomerang your incoming email to come back to you at a time when you can best deal with the demands of the email.  Boomerang calendar allows you to suggest times in an email, and when the respondent selects a time, the appointment is set on both of your calendars and the other suggested times are made available.  This saves so much back and forth email.  Love it!


 There are several thousands extensions, but this link will take you to a slideshow Stacy Behmer, from Grantwood AEA in Iowa, created for Google Summits.  During her workshops, she shares 60 extensions in 60 minutes.  She flies through them which is why this slideshow is so helpful.    

What are your favorite apps and extensions? Tweet them out using #onthevendorfloor!

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