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Challenge to Change
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Molly Schrieber, Owner

Founded:  2013

Challenge to Change Kids Yoga is owned and operated by Molly Anderson Schrieber.  Molly strives to provide children the opportunities to learn yoga practices in a fun and playful way.  Yoga looks different for children; it is not necessarily quiet and calm, but it is absolutely just as powerful for children as it is adults.

Children today are often overstimulated and rushed from one thing to the next.  Adults need to teach children the skills necessary to become more mindful and give their brains a break sometimes.  Challenge to Change really helps us break that down.

Challenge to Change Company Descritpion

Challenge To Change Kids Yoga offers yoga classes to children children in addition to a children's book, Sadie Loves Yoga, yogo cards with pictures of real children doing the poses, and a 9 month yoga curriculum which will be released in May of 2016.

Challenge to Change Product Info

The children's book Sadie Love Yoga, was written by Molly because she could not find a children's story that explained yogo to children in an understandable way.  She wrote this book to help her help children better understand the practice of yoga.


The Kids Yoga Deck featues 41 cards.  Each card names the pose, the sanskrit name, and the benefits of each pose.  This yoga deck is great to use at home or at school with your children.

Molly is also available to bring yoga to your classroom.

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Other Info Shared during the interview

Molly talked about creating "mind jars" with children, and she talked about using this story to explain the mind jars and learn how to use them to calm emotions.  She also said how to create the mind jars is explained in the back of this book.  Get your copy today.

Molly also has a YouTube channel.  Check out her videos here.  Watch her read Sadie Loves Yoga!

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