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Justin Chando, Co-Founder

Founded: 2013

Chalk Up is a great tool for classroom collaboration.  While it does much of what a learning management system does, Chalk Up has been entirely designed with collaboration at the core of the product.  The most exciting piece is the workload estimator that is available to students right now, and will soon be available for teachers too.  That is an element I have not seen in other LMS products.  Chalk up was founded in a college dorm room, and its first users were college students, but this tools has grown tremendously, and I think you'll see that it can be implemented in any classroom.

Chalkup Company Description

When it comes to learning, we're optimizing for connection and collaboration. We think learning really takes off when students are able to work together and share ideas; this is a place where learning management systems have yet to hit it out of the park. Plus, we’re making a beautiful user experience along the way. Powerful tools don’t need to be ugly tools. We’ve put the care and thoughtfulness behind designing a user experience that works for students and teachers (not just one or the other).

Chalkup Product Info

Chalkup is the world’s first class collaboration platform. We do everything a learning management system can, but with a user-friendly interface that is optimized for keeping classes in touch and sharing resources. Beyond being ridiculously easy-to-use, Chalkup integrates seamlessly with Google Drive. From online conversations to grading to assignments, it’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it’s effective. And when you build a platform that is as easy-to-use and powerful as Chalkup is - something really cool happens: teachers and students actually use it.

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