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John Pederson, Self-Proclaimed Mayor of the Internet

Broadband is KEY!

John Pederson works for a Wiscnet.  Wiscnet has worked hard to bring more connectivity to public schools and libraries, universities, and other public entities.  This show is about the importance of broadband and connectivity that makes it possible for the EdTech you want to use in your classroom actually work.  John attempts to explain how the internet actually works, and what teachers, technicians, and school leaders need to discuss in order to be on the same page working towards the same goal.  Before we freak out on the "tech guy" for blocking YouTube for everyone, we should likely ask if our infrastructure can handle it being open or will we crash the entire system if too many people are accessing content?  

John gives us a bit of a history lesson on the internet, and he also shares why he is the self-proclaimed mayor of the internet.   

Broadband and infrastructure is so important, that I even suggest saying no to shiny new technology unless the infrastructure including appropriate district policy is in place.  That seems outlandish, but classroom technology is only as good as the internet connection to the front door of your school.  We should aim for 1 GB of broadband for every 1000 students.  

Founded:  1989

Company Description

WiscNet provides schools, libraries, technical colleges, universities, municipalities, and hospitals a wide variety of technology services ranging from Internet access to filtering. We also work hard to connect people and strategies, sharing our statewide presence to help our members help each other.

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Internet connectivity is pretty important these days. 🙂 Beyond that, we work hard in helping our members share strategies with each other.

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