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Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Bob Dillion (@ideaguy42) about Bright Bytes.  He is now serving as the Director of the Research Institute at Bright Bytes where he gets to work on the mission to improve the way the world learns.

Bright Bytes Mission

The mission of the organization and every person inside of Bright Bytes is to “improve the way the world learns”.  Its a lofty mission, but the people at Bright Bytes are knocking it out of the park.  They currently serve 1 out of every 5 schools in the United States.  My personal experience with Bright Bytes certainly is a testament to living out their mission.  I purchased Bright Bytes when I was serving as the principal at a small rural school in Southwest Wisconsin.  I quickly saw how the survey data collected could be used to measure progress in regards to technology and learning, and I would be able to show the school board the data that would help us move our technology advancements farther and faster.  The survey data did just what it promised, and I was able to celebrate the progress we had made prior to the purchase as well as direct future purchases that would positively impact the learning.

Bright Bytes Growth

By the end of 2016, Bright Bytes will likely have 6-9 modules in addition to their flagship product, Clarity for Technology and Learning.  Currently, there is a Leadership module that was created based on the work of McCrel, and there is an Early Warning System created in partnership with Mariam Azin who has been studying early warning for over 20 years and is the leading expert on the subject.  Customers can expect a lot of great things to come from Bright Bytes.  One module they are working very hard on is a Data Privacy Module.  Everyone is talking about data privacy, but not many people are providing information on what to discuss or what is actually considered to be best practice.  It is my suspicion that the data privacy module from Bright Bytes will do just that.

Community of Practice

As the Director of the Research Institute, Bob is charged with gathering users for events to talk about the data and what to do with it.  He has plans to host up to 20 events around the United States this year, and it is likely he’ll be venturing around the globe very soon.  The stories that come out of the Bright Bytes data are fabulous, and it is Bob’s job to showcase those stories and connect the people who can learn a great deal from each other.

Get a Demo and Try Bright Bytes

Really, if you are not using Bright Bytes in your school or district, I would highly recommend that you click on this link, and get in touch with a Bright Bytes Education Partner today.  This data (if you use it) will honestly improve the way the world learns!

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