Missy’s Tech Gift Guide 2015

tech gift guide

I’m curled up in the chair, and the snow is falling outside.  There is so much snow that I doubt I’ll get to leave the house much this weekend which is causing me panic because I have a lot of holiday shopping to do, and with Thanksgiving falling late this year, my shopping time is limited.  As I was browsing Amazon, this blog idea popped in my head.

I’m not sure when I became so techy, but somewhere along the line, I learned to love technology, and somewhere along the line my friends and family came to rely on me for help with determining which tech is best for them.  Now, it is important to know I’m not techy in the boxes and wires and specs sort of way.  I’m techy in regards to using it to make my life easier!  I’m adding a few ideas of techy gifts I think most people would love to get.  I’m providing a link to the products on Amazon, and I would love it if you would purchase through the link on this page because I get a very small kickback from Amazon if you place an order after visiting this page.

Tech Things Every Adult Can Use:

Extra battery power is awesome!  Do you know how many times I’ve needed more battery? Too many to count.  Get one of these battery packs for someone on your list.

Bluetooth speakers come in handy too!  These come at a variety of price points, so here are a few to consider.

Wearable tech amazes me.  I would LOVE an iWatch.

Want to be more organized at work, and everyone tells you to go digital, but you still like to write with pen and paper?  You would likely LOVE this Livescribe SmartPen.  It allows you to write on paper, and sync up to your device via bluetooth!

Tech Subscriptions Rock too!

Have you ever considered providing subscriptions to amazing tech tools like Dropbox or EvernoteiTunes music membership or Netflix would be fabulous too.  Even Amazon Prime would rock my world!

I hope this helps with your online holiday shopping.  These are GREAT gifts!

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