On The Vendor Floor — My Podcast Plan


This is a continuation of my previous post, and to refresh your memory, I’m launching a podcast!  It is my own little passion project.  I’ve recently began listening to podcasts, and I’m extremely drawn to this medium.  I feel like I get to know the host through voice.  Trust is established.  Lessons are learned.OTF-EDU

In each of my podcasts, I will interview the founder of an EdTech Start-Up desperate to share how their product will positively impact student learning.  These founders will have an opportunity to tell the story of how the product came to be and where they envision it going.  I intend to push them about student data privacy, cost, and implementation.  Can they really identify how their product positively impacts student learning?  The podcast will be an extension of the conversations that begin “On The Vendor Floor”.

To be honest, I’m building this podcast with my friend “Minnie” in mind.  She’s a library media specialist, and she’s charged with curating classroom technologies for students, teachers, parents, and administration.  She is easily excitable and a quick study of new tools and even quicker to evaluate their value in the classroom.  She fears there is no way to know everything being created because she only gets to attend conferences once or twice a year and while she’s there, she’s learning from other teachers and does not have time to be chatting with vendors trying to sell her something.  She does spend time reading and learning in various social media spaces, and her list of things to research further is lengthy.  She is also trying to evaluate tools that seemingly do the same thing, so she can choose the best one for her school to adopt in a more systemic way.  Minnie’s enthusiasm only falters when she feels like her colleagues depend on her to teach them everything, and she knows they don’t always take advantage of the information she shares with them.  After discovering this podcast that was built just for her, she creates an innovation team, and they also listen to the podcast.  They debrief about each podcast at the beginning of every meeting.  Minnie recognizes that she and her colleagues really relate to the founders and their stories, and their stories are just the hook they need to get others to check out the tech tool.  Once everyone is checking out the new technology, Minnie’s principal begins to probe her about how she knows so much about the latest classroom technologies, and she responds, “I heard about them On The Vendor Floor.”

More info coming soon, but in the meantime, if you want to be sure to get updates about the podcast launch, click here.  Also, if you know the founder of an EdTech tool students, teachers, parents, or principals can’t live without, please ask them to fill out this form.  Recording begins soon!

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