New Space!


I’m on an interesting journey.  As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m starting a podcast.  Why?  I don’t really know except that I guess I’m gluten for punishment.  It is turning out to be more work than I had originally anticipated.  However, I’m on the journey, and I do want to continue, so I decided it is best if I can merge my blog and my podcast into one space.  I even considered merging the title, and then I decided that would make my writing too confined, and remember my New Year’s resolution was to write for my own purpose not because I felt like I needed to teach someone something although I know I sometimes teach in my blog posts.  It is the nature of the beast I guess.  I’m a teacher.  No way around it.

With this new space comes an opportunity to be creative.  I have a new color scheme, and a new photo and a whole lot of other creative ventures I’m trying to pull together.  In the midst of the storm, I opted to not pay extra money for my website people to migrate my original site over.  That means though that I’m not going to migrate every post either.  I should. But I’m not.  The stats are not that important to me, and that is likely the only reason I would move them over.  The writing though; that is valuable to me.  I spent time thinking those things, so having access to those thoughts is critical to me.  So, I’m attaching a link to my other blog (which is no longer in my domain name).  Here it is:  All my blogs can be found there.  I might move them over at some point but not now.  There is just too many other things to do.

So here it is…my new space…!  I like it…but its iterative.  I’m likely going to be tweaking for awhile.  Come back often, and mark your calendars.  September 30 is my podcast launch date and International Podcast Day!

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