3 Reasons You Need a Facebook Audit

Facebook audit


WAIT! Don’t click back!

I’m not talking about taxes.  I’m talking about your business’s Facebook Page.

Don’t worry there is no Facebook Court. But fortunately for your business, there is corrective action. I recently started doing Facebook page audits for my clients. Not only have I seen my clients take immediate action to improve their Facebook pages, they have called and thanked me for all the tips and tricks I gave them.

They think it’s the best audit they’ve ever experienced!

Sarah Barnes from Create-It took advantage of the Facebook audit bonus I offered with a workshop registration.  She watched her audit with her husband, and when they finished watching it her husband said, “Wow! That was worth the cost of the workshop and that was only 15 minutes!”

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If you still need to be convince, keep reading. I’ll give you 3 reasons you need one.

Reason 1: See your page through your fans eyes

When I do your audit, I take you on a journey with me as I navigate your Page. Everything I think I say outloud. If your cover photo misses the mark, I tell you. If you profile pic leaves me wondering who you are, I tell you. If your call to action button takes me to a different place than I thought it would, I tell you. Seeing your page through the eyes of a fan is invaluable. You want to communicate your brand story to your fans, but so often, people miss the opportunity. After the audit, you will know exactly what to do next in order to better tell your story.

Reason 2: Discover the nooks and crannies inside your page

Many of my clients didn’t know about the call to action button until after the audit. That one is a bit obvious, but there are other aspects of your page that you can change around in order to optimize the viewer experience with your brand. AND, if your fans have a great experience on your page, they’ll come back to your page AND come into your business. If you don’t utilize every nook and cranny on your Facebook page, it is the equivalent to not seeing gum in the grocery store check out line. Those nooks and crannies might just be the thing that gets your customer to buy from you (online or in store).

Reason 3: You’ll get a content gut check

The thing that keeps your fans engaged with your business through Facebook is your content! The purpose of your content is to develop a relationship with your customers so they can begin to know, like, and trust you. If you content is sporadic, I’ll point it out. If your content seems irrelevant to your brand, I’ll point it out. If your content needs development, I’ll point it out.  I won’t just state the obvious though, I’ll offer the first the first things that come to mind as possible content pieces. I’m a creative, so even if you run a boring business, I can see the content you could create. I’m a little like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. He can make a hour long television show about the dirtiest jobs in America, and I can make a month’s worth of content about the most boring small businesses in America. Once you hear my creative juices flowing, you’ll be able to find a few of your own!


Still wondering what a Facebook Audit is?

With permission from Crist Fencing, I’m sharing the audit I did for them. Check it out, then book your audit today! And use the coupon code below to save a couple bucks.

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