3 Reasons You Need a Facebook Audit

Facebook audit


WAIT! Don’t click back!

I’m not talking about taxes.  I’m talking about your business’s Facebook Page.

Don’t worry there is no Facebook Court. But fortunately for your business, there is corrective action. I recently started doing Facebook page audits for my clients. Not only have I seen my clients take immediate action to improve their Facebook pages, they have called and thanked me for all the tips and tricks I gave them.

They think it’s the best audit they’ve ever experienced!

Sarah Barnes from Create-It took advantage of the Facebook audit bonus I offered with a workshop registration.  She watched her audit with her husband, and when they finished watching it her husband said, “Wow! That was worth the cost of the workshop and that was only 15 minutes!”

If you have been thinking about getting a Facebook audit just click the link.
Get Your Page Audit Now

If you still need to be convince, keep reading. I’ll give you 3 reasons you need one.

Reason 1: See your page through your fans eyes

When I do your audit, I take you on a journey with me as I navigate your Page. Everything I think I say outloud. If your cover photo misses the mark, I tell you. If you profile pic leaves me wondering who you are, I tell you. If your call to action button takes me to a different place than I thought it would, I tell you. Seeing your page through the eyes of a fan is invaluable. You want to communicate your brand story to your fans, but so often, people miss the opportunity. After the audit, you will know exactly what to do next in order to better tell your story.

Reason 2: Discover the nooks and crannies inside your page

Many of my clients didn’t know about the call to action button until after the audit. That one is a bit obvious, but there are other aspects of your page that you can change around in order to optimize the viewer experience with your brand. AND, if your fans have a great experience on your page, they’ll come back to your page AND come into your business. If you don’t utilize every nook and cranny on your Facebook page, it is the equivalent to not seeing gum in the grocery store check out line. Those nooks and crannies might just be the thing that gets your customer to buy from you (online or in store).

Reason 3: You’ll get a content gut check

The thing that keeps your fans engaged with your business through Facebook is your content! The purpose of your content is to develop a relationship with your customers so they can begin to know, like, and trust you. If you content is sporadic, I’ll point it out. If your content seems irrelevant to your brand, I’ll point it out. If your content needs development, I’ll point it out.  I won’t just state the obvious though, I’ll offer the first the first things that come to mind as possible content pieces. I’m a creative, so even if you run a boring business, I can see the content you could create. I’m a little like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. He can make a hour long television show about the dirtiest jobs in America, and I can make a month’s worth of content about the most boring small businesses in America. Once you hear my creative juices flowing, you’ll be able to find a few of your own!


Still wondering what a Facebook Audit is?

With permission from Crist Fencing, I’m sharing the audit I did for them. Check it out, then book your audit today! And use the coupon code below to save a couple bucks.

Coupon Code: Blog

Get Your Page Audit Now


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This is a replay of the live broadcast with melissa emler, Kanye East, Beth Sanders, Dan Whalen, Kristen Mattson, Derek Larson, Jon jon, David Ryan Polgar, Jennifer L. Scheffer, Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Marialice BFX Curran, Sarah Thomas, and Matthew Lincheck


Kyle David Vosberg: The BEST naughty kid I EVER knew!

Kyle Vosberg

My heart is broken, but I needed to get Kyle’s eulogy posted, so it is here for you when you need it.  Writing and speaking is theraputic for me, and I thank God everyday for my ability to make sense of the world through my writing.  I sincerely hope these words bring you peace through all the sadness.

Naughty – yet Fun-Loving and Good-Hearted

Kyle was the most naughty yet fun-loving, good-hearted person we have ever known.  The naughty part of Kyle is likely a genetic predisposition hailing from both sides of his family.  Grandpa Frannie just found out that Travis and Kyle thought it would be really funny to race while raking hay.  They did an entire field in 20 minutes, and had Grandpa Frannie known they finished that fast, he would have made sure there was crap to be shoveled somewhere.  Kyle could have gotten into a lot of trouble on the farm if Dale or Grandpa Frannie had known half of what went on.  One time he chased Carl with a weed eater.  Of course he had no intention of hurting him, but Carl ran for his life.  Another time, he tied Kalynn up by her belt loop to Brownie, his cow, and then he slapped the cow, and she took off dragging Kalynn down the road.  Kalynn was only saved by her belt loop breaking.  Kyle begged Kalynn not to tell Lisa, but Kalynn pointed to her coat and her belt loop, and said, “Um. I think she’s gonna know; my coat is ripped.”  Lisa tells the story of Chad and Ryne teaching Kyle to flip people the bird at a very young age.  He walked around with his fingers in perfect position for days.  That was all fine and good until one time, in this church, Bubba held Kyle on his shoulder during mass, and a family with a couple of middle school boys were smiling at him and waving…you know the drill… a cute kid in church is the perfect distraction to make the time go faster.  Well Kyle wasn’t one for niceties even at 3 or 4, so he gave those middle school boys the finger.  They laughed and laughed.  Lisa is still embarrassed to tell the story today, but as Kyle grew up, he continued to fly the bird often, but those on the receiving end would know it was actually a term of endearment from Kyle.  He couldn’t give you the finger without that smirk of his taking over his face.   

When he walked in a room

Speaking of terms of endearment, we have to talk about what would happen when Kyle would walk into a room.  Picture this: family gathering, Kyle shows up–he’s not really late, but he’s certainly not early.  Five kids start running and hollering, “Kyyyllllle!” With a kid on each leg and one in his arms, he’d lead them to the living room floor where he would wrestle with them for a bit.  He managed to man handle all of them at once, and no matter how tired or defeated they were, they would always go back for more.  The same was true when he walked into school or a party…wherever he went, people…usually girls would jump up, yell, “Kyyyyllllle!”, and they would hug him.  He’d turn a little red and he’d smile; meanwhile Katie and Kalynn would be like, “What the heck? I have some dirt on that kid that might make you think twice about lovin’ on him.” But do you know why this happened every single time?  Because he hugged them back tightly…like they were the only people in his world right now…like they were the most important people in his life.  Kyle had this ability to make you feel like you mattered!  And truth be told, you mattered to him.  

As his aunts and uncles, we may not have gotten near as many hugs as our kids or those girls, but he made the rounds.  He would go from one house to the next just to say, “Hey, what’s up?”   Maybe he bought a new gun or a new vehicle.  Maybe he just wanted to hang out.  Often, he’d stop to share something he was proud of.  He did that with his friends too.  He sought them out if he hadn’t seen them in awhile.  Not all of his friends were friends with each other, but Kyle managed to include everyone in his life.

Honesty and Integrity

One of Kyle’s most special traits that may be overshadowed is his honesty and integrity.  Kyle definitely lived by his own standards and rules. No one knows that better than his teachers and parents. But what made Kyle different than most people his age is that no matter how much trouble Kyle was in, no matter how many times he got his butt chewed, he would always tell the truth.  He wouldn’t necessarily volunteer info about his poor choices, but, when confronted, if he had done something wrong, he would admit it; if he had hurt someone’s feelings he would apologize.  If he had made a poor choice, he would acknowledge it and create a plan for future incidents.  He was known for cutting deals in school, and if he said he would do something, he did it.  Kyle knew his actions had consequences, and he would always accept what he had comin’.  Don’t get us wrong; he made lots of mistakes, but what was so great about Kyle was that he owned them.  Every. one.  Kyle was a man of honesty and integrity, and through his honesty and integrity, he set an example.  Kyle lived on the wild side; he broke the rules…a lot of them, but he always manned up.

He did good – even in his death

We are saying goodbye to Kyle today.  It is hard!  We are going to miss him a ton, and no matter what there is nothing that can change the outcome.  But even in Kyle’s death, he did good.  Kyle had made the choice to become an organ donor by placing that little orange sticker on his license.  Kyle has saved 5 lives and helped countless others through his death.  

His liver has gone to a 59 year old man

One kidney went to a 32 year old man and the other to a 40 year old woman.

His right lung went to a 67 year old man and his left lung went to research.

And his heart went to an 18 year old boy.  That boy is getting a heart of gold.

Kyle, you are a true hero.  We are gonna miss you man!  Please watch over all of us and keep us safe from harm.  

Fly High Kyle…Fly high…



Missy’s Tech Gift Guide 2015

tech gift guide

I’m curled up in the chair, and the snow is falling outside.  There is so much snow that I doubt I’ll get to leave the house much this weekend which is causing me panic because I have a lot of holiday shopping to do, and with Thanksgiving falling late this year, my shopping time is limited.  As I was browsing Amazon, this blog idea popped in my head.

I’m not sure when I became so techy, but somewhere along the line, I learned to love technology, and somewhere along the line my friends and family came to rely on me for help with determining which tech is best for them.  Now, it is important to know I’m not techy in the boxes and wires and specs sort of way.  I’m techy in regards to using it to make my life easier!  I’m adding a few ideas of techy gifts I think most people would love to get.  I’m providing a link to the products on Amazon, and I would love it if you would purchase through the link on this page because I get a very small kickback from Amazon if you place an order after visiting this page.

Tech Things Every Adult Can Use:

Extra battery power is awesome!  Do you know how many times I’ve needed more battery? Too many to count.  Get one of these battery packs for someone on your list.

Bluetooth speakers come in handy too!  These come at a variety of price points, so here are a few to consider.

Wearable tech amazes me.  I would LOVE an iWatch.

Want to be more organized at work, and everyone tells you to go digital, but you still like to write with pen and paper?  You would likely LOVE this Livescribe SmartPen.  It allows you to write on paper, and sync up to your device via bluetooth!

Tech Subscriptions Rock too!

Have you ever considered providing subscriptions to amazing tech tools like Dropbox or EvernoteiTunes music membership or Netflix would be fabulous too.  Even Amazon Prime would rock my world!

I hope this helps with your online holiday shopping.  These are GREAT gifts!

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Chromebooks Make Perfect Gifts


Each year about this time my phone starts ringing and buzzing more than usual.  Friends and family are reaching out to ask me what technology gadgets they should be considering for Christmas gifts.  Sometimes I get texts that say, “Should I get [insert product] or [insert product].”  No matter what, the answer always depends on personal situations and preferences, but I can usually steer people in a good direction.  A couple of weeks ago, I posted about 5 Makerspace Items Kids Want For Christmas.  Today, we’ll consider digital devices.


Chromebooks are definitely at the top of the consideration list this year.  If you are used to using the Chrome browser, this device will have almost no learning curve.  They are affordable, familiar (kids are using Google Apps for Edu at school), and useful for entertainment and “school stuff”.  They have a battery life of approximately 8 hours and depending on its use, some can even get 11 hours.  Unlike an iPad, they have a USB port.  With all the cloud storage options this isn’t always a big deal, but sometimes, you just need a USB port.  There are apps and extensions available in the web store that enhance the user experience and make tasks easier.  Chromebooks DO NOT have internal storage, and you need to be connected to wi-fi to use it, but in our homes and at school or work, we are likely connected.  Google Apps do offer an offline app, so you can work in that app and then once you are connected to wi-fi it will automatically sync.  When purchasing a Chromebook, there are a lot of choices.

Best option: 4 GB Ram and 16 GB Hard Drive and 14″ screen

Almost the same, just a tid bit smaller screen.  Schools like this model a lot.

Want a touchscreen?

 Still a Microsoft Fan?

If you are a person who LOVES your Microsoft Office or are shopping for baby boomers in need of a tech upgrade, I recommend Hewlett Packard and Microsoft’s answer to Chromebooks — The Stream.  It is a budget laptop meant to run mostly cloud operations just like the Chromebook, but it provides you access to your beloved Microsoft Suite.  Also, do your kids play Minecraft?  Do you want your kids to explore CAD software?  At this time, if you want your kids to have access to Minecraft and 123D or TinkerCad, I would encourage you to consider the Stream.  The software might not run great, but at least it is there.  Minecraft takes minimal storage.

This is what it looks like (it only offers 11″ screen):

You can also get it without Microsoft Office 365:

Finally, I have to say, while Chromebooks are popping up in schools everywhere, I don’t believe the iPad is dead.  My kids still LOVE theirs.  I’m still a fan of the mini’s even though the pros are coming out and have lots more screen real estate.  Maybe Santa loves me enough to upgrade me?


Happy Shopping!  Let me know if this was helpful, and if you have more questions, drop them in the comments!

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