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About Melissa

Hey, I'm Melissa Emler.  Melissa in written language; Missy in spoken.  I answer to both especially when you first meet me.  School leaders seek me out for coaching on using social media. Those principals and teachers who desperately want to move their schools and classrooms into the 21st century tend to find me for help too.  I show them how to "hug what they have" and reach for what they don't.

My life's work is centered around one thing: LEARNING. I love to learn, and I love to share what I learn. Some say I'm a bit obsessed. Others consider me an extremist. But here's what I know to be true...

Letter grades tell me nothing about learning.
Accelerated reader tests don't measure comprehension.
Math is NOT linear.
There is a trigger for every behavior.
Technology is bright and shiny...and fun...BUT it only matters if it impacts learning.

I earned my undergraduate degree in English and secondary education at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa.  In 2009, I completed my Master's in Educational Leadership at the University of Wisconsin Platteville.  Since that time, I've continued my education on Twitter!  I've also presented at the SLATE conference which is the premiere edtech event in Wisconsin as well as ISTE.  As the Director of Innovation at CESA 3, I serve 31 districts with a variety of school improvement tasks especially innovation and design. Recently, I started working Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon on developing Modern Learners.

When I'm not coaching teachers and administrators on effective technology tools and practices, I'm reading my social media feeds, going on long lunch dates with my best friends, or answering to Cooper, Addilyn, and Connor.  I can hear them now, "MoooooMMMMM, Mom, Mom, Mom...".  Occasionally, my husband and I go out to the local Saloon together too.  

If you're dying to know more about me, here are 5 things you likely don't already know...

1.  I'm infatuated with start up culture, and co-working spaces!
2.  I learned the most about learning when I taught special education for three years. Best. Experience. Ever!
3.  Growing up on a farm instilled a strong work ethic in me even if I never milked a single one of our 200+ cows...not even once.
4.  My favorite song (at this moment in time) is Cheerleader! Yep, it speaks my language and makes me want to dig out my old uniform (just a few more pounds to lose before it fits again)!
5.  I live in the community that is home to the National Brewery Museum and I HATE beer!

See, I can be interesting despite what my husband thinks!  Take a minute and connect with me.  

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