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I have prizes!

II hope you clicked the survey link above! If you haven’t, please take the listener survey now. I debated about what to put on the show today.  I have a few epidsodes recorded that will blow your socks off, but my heart kept telling me that I needed to wait with them and just have a conversation with you today.  You know the routine-recap 2015 set goals for 2016.

2015 Recap

I remember setting three goals at the beginning of 2015, and for whatever reason, I remember the sheer happiness I felt in setting them.  I wanted to blog more, but more importantly than blog more, I wanted to blog for myself.  I have never truly defined my audience for my blog which made creating consistent content very difficult.  My students used to hear me say, “Writing is a way to heal your heart.”  That is what I committed to doing.

My next goal was to create more traditions with my children and get together more with my dad and sister.  We did so well at this I stopped thinking about when we were going to get together, but then guess what, we didn’t do as well in August through October.  The saving grace was some family weddings which for the sake the of the goal, I counted.

Finally, I want to lose weight, and I was actually successful.  I fell off the wagon between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’m back to my low carb lifestyle, and I gotta say, I feel so much better anyway.  I definitely have more pounds to shed, but I’m in this goal for the lifestyle change more so than the numbers on the scale.

Grateful for the Unexpected Triumphs

I got to speak at ISTE in 2015, and my ISTE experience changed my focus.  It was at ISTE that the podcast was born.  Wandering the aisles of the vendor floor, eavesdropping on a conversation between two executives lamenting about the cost of the conference for their organization, and the sheer volume of people is what put the wheels in motion to create this podcast.  It has been a ton of work, but I am loving it.

I love connecting with the founders of startups and sharing their passion with you.  I don’t know about you, but I love seeing that the product was created to solve a real problem for real students.

I love connecting with thought leaders and authors in the edtech space.  This world is evolving, and it is an exciting time to be in education…even if it is a bit frustrating at times.

I love connecting with you.  Seeing tweets for #onthevendorfloor warms my heart.  The feedback from you has been outstanding.

2016 Here I Come

Since entering the podcast space, I listen to a ton of them, and one host reminded me the other day that if I want to serve my audience I need to ask you what you need and why you listen.  Through your answers I will get clarity about what to produce that will best serve you.  I’m 29 episodes into the show, and the next few months are critical to the staying power of On The Vendor Floor.  You can help me help you by taking this quick survey about the show.

The survey is going to be open for two weeks, and I will randomly draw three winners.  I’m giving away one copy of George Couros’ book Innovators Mindset, one copy of Eric Sheninger’s book UnCommon Learning, and one copy of Will Richardson’s book From Master Teacher to Master Learner.  George Couros will be on the show very soon, and you are going to want his book!  Eric was on the show just a couple of weeks ago, and Will spent time chatting with me back in November.

I’m going to use the survey to plan content for you that will keep you coming back for more.

One more thing…

In 2016, I’m going to be looking for sponsors to help support the show.  This hobby takes some cash flow to keep going with hosting fees and such, and if I can find a couple of sponsors that add value to you to help with the financials that will be super.  If you are interested in sponsoring the show or know someone who might be drop me a note at missy@melissaemler.com.  I’m going to be choosy about accepting sponsors because they will definitely need to add value to you.


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