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The world is changing, and in order to stand out in your field, you need some digital know-how! Do you want to know the difference between social media and community, a customer relationship management system and an email service provider? I speaking Greek to you? Drop you name and email below, and I'll start helping you get everything straight.


Introducing Melissa Emler

While serving as a PK-12 principal in a small, rural community, I did the unthinkable.

I gave 3 students full access to post on our school's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  I called them social media interns, and I gave them course credit for their work.

The Board of Education raised their eyebrows but took the risk. My colleagues thought I was crazy but started to copy cat the work.

The students and I grew our page likes and our followers. We told the story of our school. We presented at statewide conferences.

Now, I help business professionals and school leaders like you tell your story.


facebook for school leaders

Facebook for School Leaders

I’m excited to bring you this series of shows about Facebook for School Leaders.  Often school leaders are charged with maintaining the school’s Facebook Page with little or no training, but I’m here to help.  This series will get you started, and I’ll be releasing a course to dive deeper into these topics in the…

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Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning Rocks

Personalized Learning Rocks Personalized learning is all the buzz right now, and I’m certain that before it really takes off, lots of people will mess it up.  The key to this movement in education is learner agency.  It is all about the learner taking responsibility for his or her learning.  In order to do this,…

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship: Make is a Verb!

Digital Citizenship Digital Citizenship is talked about a lot these days, and I make it a priority to support learners in their efforts to create a positive social presence.  For many of our learners, their online relationships will be the ticket to landing the career they choose.  It is important we learn how to establish…

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Latest Podcast Episodes


Ponder with Alex Selkirk

Alex Selkirk, Co-Founder Founded:  November, 2012 Ponder is an interesting tool that helps readers engage with text online in a variety of ways.  Readers can document their thinking as they read as well as pose questions for other readers.  It functions as an extension, so it can sit on top of virtually every website. Ponder…

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Social Assurity

Social Assurity: Your online Life Elevated

Social Assurity with Alan Katzman Founded:  September, 2013 Social Assurity is being featured in the midst of my series on digital citizenship.  We can no longer try to scare kids into being safe online.  We must educate them about best practices in social media and online behavior.  It is not enough just to educate the…

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Digital Citizenship

Do Digital Citizenship

A few weeks ago now, I hosted the first ever #DigCitSummitEDU, and we had approximately 300 students gathered for the live event, and several more teachers and students participated in the event online.  Coach D was the morning keynote speaker, and he set the stage for getting students to think about their online behaviors, and…

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